Looking forward to a relaxing break during a busy workday? Book a chair massage, offered by The Chairmen at Work!
With the chair massages by The Chairmen at Work you achieve a state of total relaxation in a short time. And did you know that chair massages also provide energy? After a chair massage of 20 minutes (head, neck, back, shoulders and arms) you are fully charged again!
You can simply keep your clothes on during the massage.

Buy 10 chair massages with your Well-being budget

One of our masseurs will be present every month at the Amsterdam location of PwC to provide chair massages.
At the expense of your Well-being budget, you can purchase a massage card at The Chairmen at Work. With this card you can schedule 10 appointments for a relaxing chair massage. The costs are € 400.00 for a massage card of 10 massages. The card is valid for one year.

After registration you will receive a payment request from us. After receiving the payment, we will send you a link to the planning tool, where you can schedule your 10 massages. You will also receive an invoice, which you can submit at PwC at the expense of your well-being budget.


The massage card can be purchased under the following conditions;

  • You give permission to store your data for the purpose of managing the appointments. This data will be removed from our database as soon as all 10 massage credits on your massage card have been used.
  • The massage card has a value of 10 chair massages of approximately 20 minutes.
  • The massage card is valid for one year. Start date is the date of the invoice.
  • The chair massages are given at a fixed, previously agreed location of PWC. Available location is Amsterdam (and with sufficient enthusiasm also Rotterdam).
  • The full amount of the massage card must be paid in advance.
  • After full payment of the massage card, the employee will have access to the reservation system.
  • Employee registers on pre-agreed dates and times through the reservation system.
    A massage will only take place on the dates pre-agreed if a minimum number of 10 massages have been reserved on the day in question.
  • Employee must always register with the same PWC business email address.
  • No refund is possible if you cancel your appointment within 48 hours or in case of a no-show.
  • The massage card is not exchangeable for money.
  • You authorize your data to be stored for the purpose of managing the bookings Made. Your data will be removed from our database after 10 appointments have been taken.

PAY ATTENTION; are you pregnant? A chair massage can take place only after 4 months of pregnancy.

Did you purchase a chair massage card before October 1 2021 on behalf of your Well-being budget? Then these conditions apply.

The Chairmen at Work

The Chairmen at Work offers high quality chair massages on location. The chair massages are intended to provide a moment of relaxation during a busy working day and to contribute to the vitality of employees.
The unique facet that distinguishes The Chairmen at Work is that all masseurs are visually impaired. Because of the loss of one of their senses, our masseurs are very empathetic and have more focus on the person they are massaging.
For more information, please visit www.thechairmenatwork.com. Follow us on LinkedInFacebook of Instagram.

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